What Can a Job Search Coach Do for You?

Should You Hire a Job Search Coach?

SC&C Job Search CoachYou may have very little recent experience searching for a job.  If you’ve been in the same position for five, ten, or even more years, the job search landscape has changed significantly enough that you will need at least some help.  Job search coaches are knowledgeable and skilled in all of the latest techniques and requirements for a successful job search.

They not only help you plan and execute your job search, they provide tools to help you become a better candidate.  They’ll help you with self-assessment to figure out where you belong in the work force.

Resume Writing

Job coaches help you with resume writing, showing you how to make it effective when dealing with applicant tracking software (ATS), where a computer program weeds out the irrelevant entries, but at the same time eye-catching enough when a human being actually looks at it.  You’ll learn how to properly target and influence employers.

Interview Practice

They will provide job search preparation to let you know what to expect, as well as tools to show you how and where to search.  These would include things like interview practice so that you’re comfortable and confident during the interview process.  And they won’t be shy about providing you research resources to help you explore new avenues, narrow your focus, or simply find employers that you would like to work for, along with what jobs are available.


SC&C Job Search Coaches can help networkFinally, a job coach will help you with your networking, showing you how to connect with people that are in your preferred field.  They’ll show you how to position yourself strategically in the target market so that you are ready to receive offers.

Finally once you have an offer, you’ll have all the information they can provide on how to negotiate your deal.  You’ll know what you need to ask for and what you can expect to get.

Selecting a Job Search Coach

You may have spoken with colleagues that have used the services of a career and job search coach, and they may have wonderful things to say about them. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean a particular individual is some sort of universal panacea.

Selecting a job search coach is a personal experience. What works well for one person might not work at all for another.  If you were to Google “job search coach” you would get over 100,000,000 listings. Thus, if one of your friends has had an excellent experience with a particular coach, by all means, take the coach up on their free introductory session to see if their style and abilities might suit you.

Note, some coaches charge a large upfront fee before they’ll speak with you, and don’t offer a free introductory session.  I wouldn’t give Donald Trump $1 to give me business advice even though he’s smart enough to have failed and remade himself several times over.  Our styles would never mesh.  On the other hand I would probably get along famously with Elon Musk or Richard Branson.  The coach must fit you.

Benefits of Working with a Coach

When you have a coach in your corner you have someone that you report to on a regular basis.  This keeps your feet to the fire and obliges you to accomplish things because you’re going to have to report your activities and what actions you took.

In addition, you have someone to phone or make contact with when you’ve got problems, questions, or self-doubts.  You’ve hired them to give you advice, to help you fine-tune your activities, to provide an outsider’s perspective.  Make sure you take advantage of that.

They can provide insights about your plan, suggest new or more profitable actions, and even provide additional contacts that you can use in your job search.  Having someone like that gives you much more confidence.

By hiring a job search coach, your journey to a new job will be much briefer than if you undertook it on your own.  If you have been out of circulation in terms of job searching, a coach could be just what you need.

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