Two Ways a Military Background Benefits the Boardroom

Military servicemen and servicewomen are a select group that can bring many unique attributes to the table, displaying several qualities that are very nearly unattainable without the singular experience and knowledge gained by their time in the military. We are going to examine two key points that serve to highlight some of these characteristics, and the way by which they can bring invaluable service to not only the boardroom, but the company at large.

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And make no mistake, the position of CEO is one of the toughest and most demanding in the civilian world, so it would seem a natural expansion to filling that role with an individual who comes already trained to face down a multitude of responsibilities and make the hard calls.


Military Exclusivity


First, we have to take a look at, as previously mentioned, the manifold levels of experience service in the military renders. This not only fills in crucial gaps of world experience and first-hand knowledge of other cultures and practices, but grants of a variety of perspective that is almost exclusive to the globalized military officer.


Also bear in mind that one of the single most important – and “unteachable” – traits for a valued executive is leadership experience. Everyone wants an executive with experience, but there are very few places to obtain a role with real, demanding leadership requirements without already having proven oneself. Enter the military — the place where comparatively young individuals can gain considerable leadership positions under the most extreme conditions.


Military Experience


As mentioned, individuals who lead the military lifestyle often have the opportunity to obtain a depth and diversity of experience that is difficult to match in other circumstances. While not all service members come directly under fire, the vast majority nevertheless learn how to keep a cool head in trying conditions – whether this takes the form of an emergency equipment failure or learning to operate under the withering and constant barrage of a drill instructor.


This degree of tactical detachment transitions extremely well in highly useful ways to the corporate office – once you’ve dealt with life-threatening situations and are cognizant of your ability to come through the other end, deadlines and harsh meetings don’t tend to hold quite the same impact that they might otherwise.


Professionals in boardroom

To Close


In all, we can well see that the motivation and the discipline that comes from dedicated military service can lend itself to profound advantages in the executive arena. The ability to cope with extraordinary duress creates a rich profile of exactly the characteristics one hopes to find in a business leader – namely, reliability and unshakable stability. We trust our service men and women to protect our interests overseas, and it stands to very good reason that they are worthy of our trust and respect in the boardroom.


By Fred Coon, CEO


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