A Picture Is Worth A Lot on LinkedIn

By Fred Coon, CEO
Stewart, Cooper & Coon

SC&C Blank LinkedIn Profile PictureWhat does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you? I was skimming through my newly released book, Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success 2015, and came across this topic about profile pictures. I’m surprised at the number of LinkedIn users who have a blank image for the profile picture or use an inappropriate shot. Your profile picture conveys that first impression to potential employers and recruiters. Once that image is stuck in their heads, that’s how they will visualize you while they read your credentials and determine who you are. Don’t give them a bad impression.

Here are a few tips on “visual connectivity” from Jay Block for having the right profile picture:

  1. Hire a professional. Use a professional photographer to snap a picture for your profile. It is worth the investment.
  2. Only include you. You don’t want to use a picture with you and your family, or your business partners, in it. It is your LinkedIn profile, not the family’s or company’s.
  3. Have a good expression. Smile in your photo. Be energetic and engaging.
  4. Be professional. Dress professional in your photo and have an appropriate background. Here’s where a professional photographer can help. Have a black & white photo? Is your head tilted?
  5. Use your face. Your face should make up about 60% of the picture. Don’t be standing on a mountain in a long distance shot. No one can see who you are then.

Make sure you upload a photo to your LinkedIn profile. Your profile looks incomplete if you don’t have a picture, and what does that tell a recruiter? That you don’t see projects through completion.

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