7 Advantages to Hiring Military Veterans

Recently, employers in the private sector have begun to further recognize the magnitude of exceptional talents and strengths that military veterans have to offer the civilian workforce.  Established civilian business owners as well as veterans seeking to leverage their military background in the job market should review and consider the following attributes which make former military personnel so valuable to civilian employers.


1.  Consistent work ethic

Veterans are adept at realizing the significance of creating and maintaining a working schedule.  Staying motivated and adhering to a specific itinerary shows responsibility and maturity; and through their service, military veterans have mastered this skill.

2.  Strong capacity for leadership

Since most veterans have spent a great portion of their military careers in leadership positions, it’s only natural that former military personal will not only gravitate toward, but thrive in, civilian leadership employment roles.

3.  Take action with follow-through

Post-military personnel have a knack for seeing the big picture in a challenging situation and understand when action must be taken. Military culture conditions service members to remain on task until the goal (or mission) is accomplished, which makes them ideal civilian personnel, as well.

4.  Education-friendly

Since individuals who choose to serve their country are also eligible for government financial assistance toward college and higher education, employers can be confident that their new post-military associate is likely capable of earning a degree toward their choice of civilian vocation, if they have not already.

5.  Team loyalty

During a time when the employee turnover rate is at a noticeable high, military veterans are one group that employers can rely upon for a sense of trust and company loyalty.  Due to their background and training, veterans are known to shine as solid team players in the workplace.

6.  Self-discipline

The temptation to peruse social media or online shopping sites, for instance, can be overwhelming to even the best employees.  However, respecting and honoring the rules of their employer at all costs is a clear strong suit of post-military personal.  Their ability to work autonomously while still adhering to guidelines is always a welcome asset to employers.


7.  Further incentives

In addition to the attributes listed above, employers and military veterans should also remember that state and federal governments will offer certain tax credits and incentives to companies who hire post-military personal.  This not only benefits employers, but adds employability value to veterans seeking civilian employment.  More information on government tax incentives for employing veterans can be found here:

National Guard Center for America: American Jobs for American Heroes [PDF]

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs: Veterans Opportunity to Work


Fred Coon, CEO


Stewart Cooper & Coon specializes in career transition services for senior-level military decisions makers and government agency employees by assisting candidates in locating companies who welcome both their leadership and organizational talents.  

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